what’s WowGreen? Product assessment

after I first typed “what’s WowGreen” into Google, i was intrigued.  i would heard about the product from the distributor, who desired me to check his products.  i would been using different brands of cleaner that alleged to be ‘f6ba901c5019ebe39975adc2eb223bef’ and ‘0-impact.’  however they were not safe for my youngsters, and they were not safe for my pets.  I don’t want to place things on my body whose names I cannot pronounce.when I finally ‘made the soar’ to Wowgreen’s line of kitchen and bathroom cleaners, the difference turned into beautiful and without delay obvious to me.  the primary important distinction is of their merchandise’ ingredients.  organic enzymes blended with herbal surfactants makes for a cleaner this is fast, safe, powerful, and most of all, has no chemical smell! i’m thinking about the use of Wowgreen completely for all of my cleansing- flooring, windows, our business enterprise restrooms- and my circle of relatives concurs.  choosing to take on this overview assignment was easily a exquisite decision.  all people right here loves Wowgreen not for what it does (although the use-precise, natural enzyme formulations make for the first-class cleanser we have ever tried, bar none), however for what it doesn’t do- it does not pollute our valuable groundwater, it doesn’t leave a greasy, soapy residue (or a residue of any kind!), and it does not come filled with warnings about preserving it out of the reach of kids or pets.  The all-herbal enzymes contained in Wowgreen naturally and appropriately degrade into their constituent factors whilst they’re launched into the environment.  while you clean with Wowgreen, you are cleansing extra than simply the room around you.  you’re additionally cleansing up your destiny.